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Brand Story 品牌故事


The name Yuan Cha is derived from a famous proverb, 『掘井之人,飲水思源』. The proverb asserts the values of respect and appreciation for the humblest beginnings, and imparts gratification for life’s simple enjoyments.  At Yuan Cha, we live and play by these same values. Treating each tea leaf and cup of tea with utmost respect, in appreciation of the pursuit of quality from “farm to cup”.

Tea is also known to naturally contain “tea polyhenols”, and it is said that a cup of tea a day can boost vitality and give energy. Inspired by the culture of tea enjoyment in Taiwan, Yuan Cha believes that good tea bridges conversations and cultivates relationships.

Armed with a purpose to deliver quality tea experiences through careful sourcing from the best plantations in Asia and attention to detail when it comes to brewing, Yuan Cha promises to serve the best cup of tea for all to enjoy, while advocating the importance of bonding with family and friends.