NEX, Serangoon Central, #02-13A

Our newly open outlet at NEX, #02-13A.



7 thoughts on “NEX, Serangoon Central, #02-13A

  1. I was looking for a quiet place in Nex to have a sit and a drink when I chanced upon Yuan Cha unit which was quiet during lunch time crowd on a sunday. I would have love to get a drink and take a sit in ur shop but I walked close and saw that there were no chairs or tables. I would like to suggest u put in a few seats and 2 tables. I believe that would help attract business 🙂

  2. Dear yuan Cha,

    Hoping to drop a suggestion; I think the tea taste nice and perhaps this suggestion can help more appreciate your tea.
    Could a queue number to indicate the number of drinks in the queue (instead of serial number given to people who ordered; we could only tell how many before us have ordered).

    There was one order that has 7drinks and that affected customer’s estimated time for their drinks to be ready.

    I was at Nex when I wasn’t told that Alisan tea ran out until I waited till my turn (in the end others who ordered after me were given their drinks first) – if I was told earlier I could tell them that I was rushing for time and would be fine with oolong or the other flavors. The crew helped by bringing the drink to expediate the order… but I saw was the cup left on the table in the kitchen and heard a lot of chattering – the crew who went into the kitchen stayed in there and did not return to tell me how much time she would need. She seemed rather overwhelmed at both the cashier as well as the collection counter.

    I had to leave the place without taking my drink.

    Nex is a place with high human traffic and it’s important to customers to have a good estimate on how long the wait will be.

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