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Basic Tea Series

Yuan Cha based teas including specially selected Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Alisan Tea, Puer Tea as well as Tie Guan Yin Tea. Red Oolong (Hong Shui Oolong) is specially prepared by Sheng Sheng Tea House, Taizhong, Taiwan, using the traditional method in making Oolong Tea.


Fruit Vinegar Series

All about the healthy goodness of fruit vinegar mixed with our specially brewed tea. Our special fruit vinegar series is here to promote good health and wellness for our customers

read more on benefits of fruit vinegar on Singapore General Hospital post written by Rebecca Lynne Tan.


Milk Tea Series

Yuan Cha milk tea is specially crafted with our great tasting tea and skillfully “hand-shaked” to bring out the tea favor blended nicely for a refreshing new Milk Tea taste. Customers cannot missed out of our Milk Tieyuanyin (铁观音奶茶) and Milk Puer (普洱奶茶)