Franchise Opportunity

Yuan Cha, is open for franchising for the year 2021 in Singapore. The Yuan Cha franchise will be offered for a limited location specific to area in Singapore, so that to reduce market cannibalization within the brand.

Interested parties will need to submit a business proposal on the not limited to the followings

  1. Financial / Capital Funding
    • Explains the source of funding
    • Cash flow projection
    • Assumption/locations/lease
    • Estimated capital requirement for the franchise $150,000.00
  2. Human Resources/Operations
    • Explains how you will formulae your resources plan
    • HR policy and regulation
    • How you will manage the operations
  3. Market Analysis
    • Competitors SWOT in the proposed area
    • Customer service procedure/training
    • Key strategies on competition
  4. Summary
    • Brief explanations and introductions of company share holders
    • Explain the details on the company setup

Send your interest and proposal to

Due to covid19 situation, we will take at least 3 months to evaluate the proposal